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Welcome to my site! My name is Austin, I am the Owner of Jones Custom Decals. I started this company because I am passionate about turning someone's thoughts into a reality and a piece of art that they can display and show around to friends, family, and colleagues. I bought a vinyl cutter for personal use and then what started out as an idea to start my own company turned into a reality because if we aren't chasing our dreams, what are we actually chasing?


We are a small online store located in a small city called Canby in the beautiful state of Oregon.   

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Austin Jones

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Hi, my name is Austin Jones. I am the owner of Jones Custom Decals. I enjoy hiking, swimming, traveling, and graphic design. I spend the majority of my time learning and focusing on new ways to cut designs and make new products. I found interest in vinyl wrap and decals through car videos and found myself intrigued to start doing it myself!